A magnificent flower-filled mountain that local farmers have developed through the years. Hanamiyama was opened to the public in 1959 due to a desire for more people to see the mountain’s beautiful array of flowers. In Spring, the mountain features plum, cherry, and Forsythia blossoms, as well as numerous other varieties of flowers. At full bloom, the flowers paint the mountain in a gentle shade of pink, creating a surreal, fantasia atmosphere. On a clear day in early Spring, you can see the distant snow-crested mountains silhouette across the blue sky. A truly lovely landscape.
Opening Hours
Open all year round
Best viewing in April
 Seasonal Bus:

= Runs from April 1st to April 23rd =
Adult 250 yen (Round Trip 500 yen)
Child (12 and under) 130 yen (Round Trip 250 yen)

15 minutes + 10 minutes walk

 Route(s): Hanamiyama Go (花見山号)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 6
(Buses depart every 30 minutes between 9:00 AM and 3:30PM)
 To: Hanamiyama Park Seasonal Bus Stop (花見山公園臨時バス「花見山号」停留所)

240 yen

13 minutes + 25 minutes walk

 Route(s): Hanamiyama Iriguchi keiyu Watari Minami-mawari (花見山入口経由渡利南回り)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 8
 To: Hanamiyama Iriguchi (花見山入口)
Homepage: http://www.hanamiyamakoen.jp/ (Japanese)
Link: http://www.f-kankou.jp/hanamiyama.htm (Japanese)
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