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Updated: 10 May, 2019

Azumayama Volcanic Warning Raised to Level 2 (6:40 pm, May 9, 2109)

At 6:40 pm on May 9 the Volcanic Warning Level for Azumayama was raised to Level 2. The Bandai-Azuma Skyline will remain closed until further notice. The following is a translation of the announcement from Japan Meteorological Agency (Sendai Branch).

** ( Headline ) **

<Azumayama Crater Area Warning (Volcanic Warning Level 2, Crater Area Restricted Access) Press Release>

Possibility of small-scale eruption. 1.5 km radius restricted area around the main crater.

<Volcanic Warning raised from Level 1 (Potential for increased activity) to Level 2 (Do not approach the crater)>


** ( Main Article ) **

  1. Volcanic Activity Conditions and Forecast

Increased volcanic tremors have been recorded around Azumayama since May 5, 2019 at the Jododaira Measurement Station (located 1 km east-south-east from the main crater). Clear deformation of the slope on the west-north-west side of the crater were seen at 5:30 pm on May 9 which signals an increase in volcanic activity.

There is a possibility of a small-scale eruption around Azumayama. Please be advised that there is a possibility of volcanic materials being ejected within 1.5 km of the main crater.

  1. Affected Municipalities

The following municipalities have been affected by the entry restrictions in place around the crater:

Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima City, Inawashiro.

  1. Additional Warnings

If you are in the area, please be aware that the trajectory of large rocks ejected from the crater may land within the 1.5 km radius around the main crater.

Please do not enter into dangerous areas, and follow all directions given by Japanese Special Defense Force members.

Be alert for volcanic ash and gases, as well as small projectiles that may be carried down wind from the main crater.

<Volcanic Warning raised from Level 1 (Potential for increased activity) to Level 2 (Do not approach the crater)>


**(About Volcanic Warning Levels)**

【Level 5 (Evacuate)】: Evacuate from dangerous residential areas.

【Level 4 (Prepare to evacuate)】: Be prepared to evacuate from affected residential areas. Evacuation of elderly and disabled residents.

【Level 3 (Do not approach the volcano)】: Restrictions on climbing and entering the affected areas. Elderly and disabled residents should prepare to evacuate depending on conditions.

【Level 2 (Do not approach the crater)】: Do not approach the restricted area around the crater.

【Level 1 (Potential for increased activity)】: Restrictions on entering the crater depending on conditions.

(Note: Evacuation and restricted areas may change depending on local conditions and volcanic activity.)


Link to the official announcement in Japanese from the Japan Meteorological Agency (Sendai Branch) (PDF) at 6:40 pm, May 9, 2019.


Japan Meteorological Agency (Japanese)


【May 9 Announcement from Fukushima City】
A Level 2 Volcanic Warning means that there is a possibility that volcanic materials maybe ejected in a 1.5 km radius around the crater, so access to this area is now restricted. The eastern side of the 1.5 km radius covers most of the eastern slope of Mt. Azuma-Kofuji. The areas of Takayu Onsen, Tsuchiyu Onsen (including the Tsuchiyu-toge Onsen area), and Iizaka Onsen are all outside of the 1.5 km radius. The city would like to reassure visitors that onsen areas within Fukushima City are safe. 

Azuamyama (20180919) (英語)
● Contact numbers for inquiries (in Japanese) about Iizaka Onsen, Tsuchiyu Onsen, and Takayu Onsen:
・Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association: 024-531-6428
・Iizaka Onsen Tourism Association: 024-542-4241
・Tsuchiyu Onsen Tourism Association: 024-595-2217
・Takayu Onsen Tourism Association: 024-591-1125
Note: For inquiries in English please the number contact listed above for the Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association.

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