Hanamiyama Announcement (Eye-Catch) (3)


Hanamiyama Important Announcement
(Updated: 4:30 pm March 12, 2020)

Update: Hanamiyama Park Temporary Closure

As a preventative measure to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Hanamiyama will be temporarily closed to tourists from Saturday March 14, 2020 until further notice. We offer a sincere apology to all the visitors who were looking forward to enjoy the spring flowers, and we thank everyone for their cooperation.

Update: Traffic Restriction and Access

As well as the temporary closure of Hanamiyama, the ‘Hanamiyama Go’ Shuttle Bus service from Fukushima Station to Hanamiyama Park will not be in service, and the temporary parking areas will be closed. Traffic restrictions will still be enforced in the area around Hanamiyama Park. Please be aware that you will not be able to access this area in a private vehicle during the traffic restriction period.
Traffic and Parking Restrictions
To prevent unauthorized parking on roads around the park, traffic restrictions will be in place while Hanamiyama Park is temporarily closed from March 20 to April 19. Restrictions apply to private vehicles, tour buses, and taxis.
Tour/Private Buses
Due to traffic restrictions tour buses and private buses will not be able to use the parking area at Hanamiyama Park.
Parking Areas
Additional temporary parking areas for private vehicles will not be available this year.
Set-Price ‘Teigaku’ Taxi
The set-price ‘teigaku’ taxi service that delivers visitors from Fukushima Station to the entrance of Hanamiyama Park will not be available this year.
Contact information
If you have a specific inquiry you can contact us via email at fukushima.guide@f-kankou.jp or send us a message on the Fukushima Guide Facebook page. Also, check the Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association homepage for further details about the Hanamiyama Temporary Closure in Japanese.