Bandai Azuma Skyline



A 29 km-long alpine road with a maximum elevation of 1622 m that winds through the Azuma Mountain Range. This scenic route has the catch-phrase “the road that runs across the sky.” You can take in an impressive view of Fukushima City, and the scenic path offers magnificent views of the surrounding area. From the snow-lined corridors of early Spring, to the fiery assortment of colors in late Autumn, Bandai-Azuma Skyline captivates travelers from near and far with its breathtaking array of scenery.

Opening Hours

Open Mid-April to Mid-November
Closed during winter (Mid-November to Mid-April)


Road Tolls: None
Jododaira Parking Area: Motorbike 200 yen, Car 500 yen, Small Bus 1000 yen, Large Bus 2000 yen

Access from Fukushima Station

Car: 60 min
Bus: Seasonal Bus (May 3 – November 5)
(Fukushima Station to Jododaira) 1,810 yen, 1 hour 40 minutes
(Jododaira to Fukushima Station) 1,330 yen, 1 hour 15 minutes
Route(s): Azuma Skyline Tour Bus
From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 11
West Exit Bus stop No. 3
To: Jododaira (浄土平) via Tsuchiyu Onsen (土湯温泉)
Returns via Takayu Onsen (高湯温泉)
Timetable: 2017 Azuma Skyline Tour Bus (PDF)



Nearby Tourist Spots

Jododaira (0.0 km)
Takayu Onsen (15.0 km)
Tsuchiyu Onsen (32.6 km)