Mount Benten



This small peak has an elevation of just 142 m. The spot is famous for its relationship with the novel ‘Sansho the Bailiff (Sansho Dayu)’ by Ogai Mori (1862-1922). The site features an observation deck and the park is a popular spot for picnicking under the cherry blossoms for ‘hanami’ in spring.

Opening Hours

Open All Hours



Access from Fukushima Station


240 yen

15 minutes + 15 minutes walk

 Route(s): Hanamiyama Iriguchi keiyu Watari Minami-mawari (花見山入口経由渡利南回り)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 8
 To: Oka no Uchi (岡の内)

380 yen

30 minutes + 15 minutes walk

 Route(s): Nankodai Junkan Watari-sakimawari (南向台循環渡利先回り)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 6
 To: Bentenyama-shita (弁天山下)



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