Ioji Temple



Ioji Temple was founded in 826 and features a Buddhist statue of the ‘Yakushi Nyorai’ (Buddha of Medicine) that was carved by the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kobo Daishi (also known as Kukai). The temple was used by the Sato household who were the administrators of the Shinobu district (the former name of the area of Fukushima City) in the late Heian Period (794-1185).
Motoharu Sato (1113-1189) was a religious man who expanded the grounds and built more structures so that the feudal lord in nearby Otori Castle could look down upon the temple. You can also visit the former site of Otori Castle in Tatenoyama Park in Iizaka.
The temple was also visited by the famous poet Matsuo Basho in 1689.

Opening Hours

8:30am ~ 5:00pm
(Closes early during winter)


Admission: 300 yen
Children (Under 18): FREE

Access from Fukushima Station

Train: 330 yen
19 min (+12 min walk)
Route(s): Iizaka Line (飯坂線)
From: Fukushima Station
To: Ioji-mae (医王寺前)
Bicycle (Rental): 15 min (from Iizaka Onsen Station)
(Free and paid bicycle rental service available from Iizaka Onsen Station)



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