Jitokuji Temple


Jitokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple was opened in the 16th century. The temple is famous for the large 450-year-old weeping cherry tree that creates a pink curtain of cherry blossoms when it blooms in spring.

Opening Hours

Open All Hours



Access from Fukushima Station

Car: 27 min
Bus: 650 yen
29 min (+5 min walk)
Route(s): Sabara (佐原)
Sabara keiyu Shiki no Sato (佐原経由四季の里)
From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 7
To: Azuma Rikujo-kyogijo (あづま陸上競技場)



Nearby Tourist Spots

Azuma Sports Park (1.2 km)
Shiki no Sato (2.6 km)
Minka-en (2.9 km)
St. Anna’s Garden (3.4 km) Jorakuen (5.2 km)


Homepage: http://www.jitokuji.com/ (Japanese)