Mochizuri Kannon



Antouin Temple is home to the Mochizuri Kannon, a statue that was carved by famed Buddhist priest Gyoki (668-749). The statue is open to public only once every 33 years, the last time was in October 2016, so you’ll have to wait until 2049 if you want to catch a glimpse of this hidden treasure. The statue is housed in the Tahoto Pagoda which is a designated cultural property of Fukushima Prefecture. The grounds also house a large bell tower (shorodo) that rings on midnight on new year’s eve.


This place has also been a popular muse for many Japanese poets including Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) who travelled through on his Narrow Road to the Deep North. The name ‘Mochizuri’ comes from the elegant patterns of Shinobu Mochizuri silk that were made in this area. The Mochizuri Stone tells of the unrequited love of Minamoto no Toru (822-895), a famous poet who mentions ‘shinobu mochizuri’ in his peotry.


The temple grounds also feature an art gallery and museum called Denkogaku that houses important artifacts relating to the history of Fukuhsima City.


Opening Hours

9:00am ~ 5:00pm (Close at 4pm during winter)
The museum and gallery are closed January 1 ~ 3



Entry to the temple grounds is free, but tickets are required to view the museum and gallery.
Adult 200 yen
Children (15 and Under) 100 yen
Children (5 and Under) FREE


Access From Fukushima Station

Car: 16 min
Bus: 420 yen
23 min (+10 min walk)
Route(s): Miyashitacho・Mochizuri Kannon keiyu Kaketa-eki-mae (宮下町・文知摺観音経由掛田駅前)
Miyashitacho・Onami keiyu Kaketa-eki-mae (宮下町・大波経由掛田駅前)
Tsukidate keiyu Kawamata (月舘経由川俣)
From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 3
To: Mochizuri Kannon (文知摺観音) (Weekends and Public Holidays only)
Mochizuri Kannon Iriguchi (文知摺観音入口)



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