Mount Shinobu



Mt. Shinobu (or Shinobuyama) is the symbol of Fukushima City. In Spring, the mountain hosts scores of people who gather to relish in the mountain’s beautiful cherry blossoms. Mt. Shinobu was once revered as a place of worship, and even today the ancient Buddhist engravings of Iwaya Kannon can still be found carved into the sides of the mountain. The view from above offers an impressive glimpse of Fukushima City, and the night scene from atop the mountain’s main lookout is unparalleled.
Haguro Shrine is situated at the top of the mountain and is home to the giant 12m ‘waraji’ straw sandal which takes center stage in the Mt. Shinobu Dawn Procession in February and Waraji Matsuri in August. Neko Inari Shrine is also a popular spot for cat lovers.

Opening Hours

Open All Hours
(Mt. Shinobu Guide Center 10:00am ~ 5:00pm
Closed Wednesdays)



Access from Fukushima Station

 Walk: 25 minutes

100 yen

7 minutes + 5 minutes walk

 Route(s): Momorin City Loop 2 (市内循環ももりん2コース)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 9
 To: Fukushima TV (福島テレビ)



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