Toho Minna no Bunka Center (also known as Fukushima Prefectural Culture Center) is situated at the base of Mt. Shinobu. The venue holds a range of concerts, plays, exhibitions, and events through-out the year. It features a main hall with 1752 seats, and a small hall with 379 seats. The culture center also includes a gallery and exhibition space as well as smaller rooms for meetings and conferences.

Opening Hours

8:30am ~ 7:00pm
Closed Dec 28 ~ Jan 4 (Also closed periodically for maintenance)


Admission cost varies according to event or exhibition.

Access from Fukushima Station


100 yen

10 minutes + 6 minutes walk

 Route(s): Momorin City Loop 2 (市内循環ももりん2コース)
Momorin City Loop 1 (市内循環ももりん1コース)
 From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 9
 To: Sakura no Seibo Tankidaigaku (桜の聖母短期大学)



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