Japanese Sake


Fukushima Sake

In 2019, sake from Fukushima Prefecture won the most gold prizes at the Japan Sake Awards for a record-breaking 7th year in a row. Fukushima’s natural beauty, quality ingredients, and traditional techniques combine to create the world’s best sake.
More about Fukushima Sake: https://fukushima-sake.com/


Kinsuisho Sake Brewery

Fukushima City is home to Kinsuisho Sake Brewery. Kinsuisho produces world class sake through a commitment to quality brewing processes, a selection of the highest-quality rice, and crystal clear locally-sourced water. Their sake is known for its mellow aroma, and is loved for its refreshing taste. Kinsuisho has won a gold prize at the Japan Sake Awards 13 times.
Kinsuisho (Japanese): http://www.kinsuisho.com/


Order Online – Ippin Japan Mall

A selection of sake from 11 breweries from across Fukushima prefecture is available online in selected regions. Select your region below to order online from Ippin Japan Mall.
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Fukushima Sake Samplers

The best place to try a range of award-winning Fukushima sake in Fukushima City is at the Fukushima Product Promotion Center on the 1st floor of Corasse Fukushima. Conveniently located a 5-minute walk from the Fukushima Station West Exit. There are two different courses to choose from:
🍶 Premium Course (700 yen)
Choose 2 from 6 premium Fukushima brands.
🍶 Weekly Special Course (500 yen)
Choose 3 from 6 local Fukushima brands.