Fukushima Station Area Restaurant Guide (Small)



There is a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, izakayas, ramen shops, and eateries around Fukushima Station. We have a new guide to help visitors find somewhere to eat. This collection of local favorites includes the local specialty enban gyoza, homemade ramen, quaint cafes, lively izakayas, relaxing soba restaurants, expertly prepared Japanese, Indian, and Italian restaurants. You can download a PDF version of the guide below.
Note: We can’t guarantee that the restaurants listed in this guide have English speaking staff or menus. If you have any specific deity requirements or requests, please ask at the Tourist Information Center at Fukushima Station (West Exit, 2F).

Fukushima Station Area Restaurant Guide

(Includes Central Fukushima City Tourist Map and Fukushima Station Area Restaurant Guide)