The beauty of the autumn leaves in Japan is one of the major seasonal highlights along with the amazing harvest festivals, autumn foods, and perfect onsen weather. Here is our list of the best places to check out in Fukushima City this autumn!

Bandai-Azuma Skyline

Best Dates: Late September ~ Late October
The Bandai-Azuma Skyline is often ranked as one of the best drives in Japan. High in the Azuma Mountains the autumn leaves peak earlier than the areas in the city below. Starting at Kamanuma Pond, then Jododaira, Tengu no Niwa (Tengu’s Garden), and Fudosawa Bridge, there are a wide range of spectacular autumn foliage.
Note: Traffic is very crowded during peak times on weekends and public holidays, and the northern section between Jododaira and Takayu Onsen is closed from 5:00 pm ~ 8:00 am.



Surikami River Dam & Lake Moniwakko

Best Dates: Late October ~ Early November
Surikami River Dam is located 40~50 minutes drive from Fukushima City. It’s also the perfect time for a kayak tour on Lake Moniwakko.



Azuma Sports Park Ginkgo Trees

Best Dates: Late October ~ Early November
The ginkgo trees at Azuma Sports Park are a popular autumn photo spot. The area is also lit up at night between 5:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm during the peak autumn period from October 25 ~ November 11 (2019 Dates).




Best Dates: Late October ~ Early November
Jorakuen is a traditional Japanese style garden on the Fruit Line west of Fukushima City. Best accessed by car



Mochizuri Kannon

Best Dates: Late October ~ Early November
Mochizuri Kannon has been visited by a several famed Japanese poets including master haiku poet Matsuo Basho. Autumn is the best season to visit this history filled shrine.



Kuroiwa Kokuzoson

Best Dates: Late October ~ Early November
Kuroiwa Kokuzoson is one of the best keep autumn secrets in Fukushima City. Located south of the city center, this secluded shrine is best accessed by car. It is a 1.6 km walk (20 min) from Minami-Fukushima Station.