December Events (Eye-Catch)
December brings winter weather and snow to the Azuma mountains to the west. In the city there is always the chance of a white Christmas and snow for the New Year’s Eve Holidays. The streets are decorated with illumination displays. So come and have a soak in a relaxing outdoor onsen. Check our Facebook page for the most up to date information on December Events in Fukushima City.

Illumination Events

There are a range of illumination events around the city in December and January.
Hikari no Shizuku (Drops of Light)
December 6 ~ January 31
The Hikari no Shizuku illumination display is located a short walk from Fukushima Station along the romantic Paseo-dori. Take a stroll, enjoy the lights, and try the warm cosy atmosphere of one of the many restaurants.
Corasse Fukushima
December 6 ~ January 15
Check out the winter lights while you pick up some souvenirs, or see the amazing view of the city from the 12th floor.
Hikari no Tree Pageant (Tree of Light)
Azuma Sports Park
December 13 ~ January 13
A short walk from Fukushima City Minka-en and the Azuma Baseball Stadium Olympic venue!
Shiki no Sato
January 11 ~ February 11
This display doesn’t start until January when the heavy snow starts to fall. There is live music on Saturday nights, or try some yakiniku at the Asahi Beer Hall located inside the grounds of Shiki no Sato.


December 13 ~
The Hiroseza Theatre at Fukushima City Minka-en was used as a location for the Japanese film Katsuben! (Katsuben is a narrator for silent films). The film is in theaters across Japan from December 13, but you can visit Minka-en and see one of the locations where the film was made!



Hatsumode is the first visit to a local shrine for the new year. It is common to visit at midnight on New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day. Join in a local custom and experience the real Japan. We’ll be updating this section with more information closer to the end of the year!

Kyu Horikiri-tei

November 20 ~ December 29
End of year festivities at Kyu Horikiri-tei. More information coming soon.

Visit an Onsen

Now that winter is here, it is the perfect time to soak in a natural onsen!

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