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The cool autumn evenings come to life with the sound of festivals across Japan as local harvest traditions give local communities a chance to celebrate before winter arrives. Here is our list of annual October events in Fukushima City. Check our Facebook page for more events and the latest information! Also check our autumn guide (Coming Soon!) for the best spots to find beautiful autumn leaves in Fukushima City.

Iizaka Kenka Matsuri

October 4 ~ 6, 2019
Usually held on the first weekend of October, the Iizaka Kenka Matsuri is one of the most dynamic and spectacular festivals in Japan. The highlight is the ‘miyairi’ on Saturday October 5 starting around 7:00 pm as the festival floats gather at Hachiman Shrine to fight their way to dominance. A short walk through historic Iizaka Onsen from Iizaka Onsen Station.
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Fukushima Street Music Festival

October 12, 2019 Postponed to November 9
The fourth edition of this lively music festival runs from 10:30 am ~ 4:30 pm at the Fukushima Station East Square.

Fukushima Inari Shrine Festival

October 12 ~ 14, 2019
Centered in the heart of Fuksuhima City at Fukushima Inari Shrine. With over 200 stalls and booths and a parade of lantern covered festival floats, this is one of the biggest and most exciting festivals in Fukushima City. The main festival parade starts at 5:00 pm on Sunday October 13 as the floats make their way from Ekimae-dori near Fukushima Station to Fukushima Inari Shrine.
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National DON Summit in Fukushima 2019

October 12 ~ 13, 2019 CANCELLED DUE TO TYPHOON
If you are feeling hungry while you are at the Fukushima Inari Shrine Festival, head over to Sankaku Hiroba (MAP) and try a range of donburi-style rice bowls from across the country. Including local flavors from Miyagi, Ishikawa, Kanagawa, Nagano, Niigata, Aichi, Yamagata and Fukushima!

Matsukawa Lantern Festival

October 12-13, 2019
The main festival is on Sunday October 13 from 4:30 pm ~ 8:45 pm. Come and enjoy the excitement of a local festival in southern Fukushima City where lantern filled floats are paraded through the streets of Matsukawa. Each community in Matsukawa pull their parade float accompanied by traditional festival musical. There are 8 festival floats on the west side of the station, and 5 on the east. Matsukawa Station is 3 stops south of Fukushima Station on the Tohoku Line.

Onami Sumiyoshi Shrine Lion Dance

October 13, 2019
This traditional dance is a Designated Intangible Folk Property of Fukushima City, and is the only remaining Shishimai (Lion Dance) in Fukushima City. It is held at Sumiyoshi Shrine (MAP) in Onami in eastern Fukushima City. The dance features 3 lions (parent, middle, and child) and it is performed by local primary school children. It is held every year on the Sunday preceding the Sports Day public holiday. The dance takes place at 1:00 pm.

Fukushima Burger Summit

Located in Koori just north of Fukushima City, this popular burger summit is an amazing opportunity to try a range of 19 exciting burgers from across northern Japan. Come and cast your vote in the 6th East Japan Local Burger Grand Prix. Which burger will be crowned the champion?! 

La Festa Mille Miglia 2019

October 25 ~ 28, 2019
This event features a mouth watering selection of classic cars as they travel the country from Harajuku in Tokyo to Fukushima, Yamagata, and Miyagi Prefectures. The best place to check out the line-up of cars is at Iizaka Onsen on Saturday October 26 as the classic cars drive past the equally classic Sabakoyu bath house.

Okayama Water Festival

October 27, 2019
Held at Kashima Shrine (MAP) near Jomopia Miyahata in eastern Fukushima City on the 4th Sunday of October, the Okayama Water Festival is a Designated Important Cultural Property of Fukushima Prefecture. This festival involves splashing water to cleanse the community. The festival starts at 12:20 pm, with the main water throwing ceremony from 1:50 pm.

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