Waraji Matsuri



The Waraji Matsuri is an annual festival that fills the main street of Fukushima City in early August. The festival originally finds its roots in the Mount Shinobu Dawn Procession. During the festival, visitors can see the local residents wearing tradiational festival outfits such as yukata, happi, and original costumes while they perform a large variety of exciting dances. Notable performances include Heisei Waraji Ondo and Dancing Soda Night. There is also a dedication ceremony for the waraji (straw sandal), and many exciting fun-filled events for young and old alike, including the Waraji Kyoso race.


2018 Event Details

The Waraji Matsuri will be held in Fukushima City on the 3rd and 4th of August. Come along and see the largest straw sandal in Japan proudly paraded through the city center. You can also see the Waraji Odori featuring a large group of colorful dancers dancing to the reggae-inspired tune of ‘Heisei Waraji Ondo’. Later in the night the hip-hop styled ‘Dancing Soda Night’ brings a lot of energy to the festivities. The second day features a waraji making workshop, as well as waraji races!
[Dates & Times]
Friday August 3, 5:15 pm ~ 9:15 pm
Saturday August 4, 10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm ~8:50 pm
Route 13 (Shinobu-dori)
Central Fukushima City
[Food Stalls]
About 50
[Event Schedule]
💃 Friday August 3
5:15 pm ~ Purification and Opening Ceremony
5:50 pm ~ Waraji Odori (Section I)
6:45 pm ~ Waraji Odori (Section II)
7:40 pm ~ Waraji Odori (Section III)
8:30 pm ~ 9:15 pm Dancing Soda Night (Section I)
The Waraji Parade also runs from 5:50 pm ~ 9:15 pm


💃 Saturday August 4
10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm Waraji Craft Workshop (Wiz Tomodachi 4F and S-PAL Fukushima 2F)
5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm Waraji Race (Kids・Ladies・General)
7:10 pm ~ Dancing Soda Night (Section II)
8:05 pm ~ 8:50 Dancing Soda Night (Section III)
The Waraji Parade also runs from 7:10 pm ~ 8:50 pm


Note: Times and events may change. Please check the official website for full details.

5-minute walk from Fukushima Station East Exit.
Public toilets are available, including disabled toilets at Wiz Tomodachi and Pasenaka Misse.
None. Paid parking stations are available around the city.
[Traffic Restrictions]
There are several major road closures in the city center between 4:30 pm ~ 10:00 pm on both nights.