Fukushima City is blessed with a wide variety of delicious fruits. Visitors can enjoy fresh cherries in June, delicious peaches in July; juicy pears and a variety of grapes in September, and exquisite apples from October to December. The ‘Fruit Line’ (Route 5) runs along the western side of the city, and is lined with numerous orchards where visitors can pick (and eat!) a variety of fruits straight from the trees.

Fruit Picking Seasons

Fruit Availability Fruit Picking Guides
🍓 Strawberries January ~ May
🍒 Cherries June ~ July 2018 Cherry Picking Guide Coming Soon
🍑 Peaches July ~ September 2017 Peach Picking Guide
🍐 Nashi Pears August ~ October 2017 Nashi Pear Picking Guide
🍇 Grapes August ~ October
🍎 Apples October ~ December 2017 Apple Picking Guide



Orchard Information