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More than eight years have passed since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, yet its impact continues to affect those living in Fukushima Prefecture. Now Fukushima is rebuilding itself as a site of new energy technology and regional regeneration. This program is an opportunity for visitors, students, and academics from around the world to see, hear, and reflect objectively upon the challenges faced by Fukushima today. By implementing a community-based, hands-on approach to learning, the program helps visitors to re-evaluate their preconceptions about post-2011 Fukushima. It offers clues to think about future lifestyles, renewable energy, revitalizing communities, and sustainable development.

1 Day & 1/2 Day Tours (1-8 persons)

Sample 1 Day Program (Tour can be tailored to clients needs)
9:00 Meet at Fukushima Station. Depart in charter taxi with guide.
10:30 Arrive in tsunami affected coastal area.
・Visit dosimeters at 2 Fukushima schools
・Route 114 > Kawamata anthurium cultivation
・Route 12 > Iitate (soil storage facility)
・Route 6 (barricaded area)
・Tomioka Night Forest (drive-through)
・TEPCO Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (drive-through)
・TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center
・Tsunami-affected Namie Elementary School
・Exchange with residents
15:30 Depart disaster affected area
17:00 Arrive at Fukushima Station
Note: Lunch is between 12:00 ~ 13:00 (Due to lack of restaurants in tsunami affected area, lunch is at convenience store or road station.)
1 Day (8 Hours)
1/2 Day (5 Hours)
Lunch (1 Day Tour)
Local Restaurant
Charter Taxi from Fukushima Station.
Program Cost (per person in yen) (Subject to Change)
Participants 1 Day Tour
(8 Hours)
1/2 Day Tour
(5 Hours)
1 75,000 50,000
2 38,000 25,000
3 26,000 17,000
4 27,000 18,000
5 21,000 14,000
6 18,000 12,000
7 15,000 10,000
8 14,000 9,000

1 – 2 Day Short Field Trip (20+ persons)

Program Outline
To provide visitors with an opportunity to see the real Fukushima, and to meet and interact with locals. Includes interpreter and guide, a visit to the Fukushima disaster area, TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center, new technology center, and workshops with local residents to think about future lifestyles.
1 Day, or 2 Days / 1 Night (stay at local hotel or ryokan)
Local Restaurant
Includes transport from Fukushima Station or Koriyama Station.
Minimum Participants and Cost (Subject to Change)
・1 Day Tour: 20 persons (15,000 yen / person)
・2 Day Tour: 20 persons (41,500 yen / person)


Bookings can be made up to 14 days before the required date. Please contact us at fukushima.guide@f-kankou.jp for further details or to make a booking.

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