MAX Fukushima has a wide range of stores including a supermarket, pharmacy, food court, arts, crafts and gift stores, as well as entertainment area and a movie cinema.


You can enjoy a flat white from the café on the first floor, shop for gifts at one of the many stores, visit the cat café, or relax with a movie. (Note: English movies are either shown in English with Japanese subtitles or dubbed in Japanese audio, please confirm with staff before purchasing your tickets)


Floor Guide
5th Floor: Aeon Cinemas, Cat Cafe
4th Floor: AOZ (aouze) Meeting and Conference Center
3rd Floor: Entertainment Area, Gift Shops
2nd Floor: Daiso (100 Yen Shop), Fashion, Crafts
1st Floor: Supermarket and Pharmacy, Food Court


MAX Fukushima is a short 10-minute walk north of Fukushima Station. It is also accessible by the Momorin City Loop Bus.