Demonstration Details

Be transported back to the Edo and Meiji periods of Japan during this swordsmithing demonstration at Fukushima City Minka-en. Experience the unparalleled beauty of Japanese swords and watch master swordsmith Masahira Fujiyasu keep alive these important traditional techniques that are a part of the soul of Japan.
Dates: See below for 2019 dates
Time: 10:00 am ~ 3:00 pm
Cost: Free Entry
Venue: Minka-en


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2019 Schedule
(NB: Contents Subject to Change)

Date Topic
April 7
・Folding and Tempering (折り返し鍛錬)
May 5
・Folding and Tempering (折り返し鍛錬)
・Combining Metals (造込み)
September 21
・Lengthening (素延べ)
・Heating and Shaping (火造り)
November 3
・Shaping (仕上げ)
・Cleaning (土取り)
・Tempering (焼入れ)

Enquiries: Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association (TEL: 024-531-6432)

Access from Fukushima Station

Car: 25 mins
  Free Parking
Bus: 630 yen
28 min (+10 min walk)
Route: 82-1 Sabara keiyu Shiki no Sato (佐原経由四季の里)
Note: Weekends and public holidays only.
From: East Exit Bus Stop No. 7
To: Muroishi (室石)
Departs: 8:15, 9:45, 11:00, 12:40, 14:10
Return: (via Route 1-1): 8:08, 10:39, 11:59, 13:34, 15:09, 16,34, 17:15, 18:43