Bus Services

Fukushima Station Bus Guide
Check our Fukushima Station Bus Guide for additional route information.
There are a wide range of local bus services from Fukushima Station including the Momorin City Loop and seasonal bus services to Hanamiyama and Jododaira on the Bandai-Azuma Skyline. Highway bus services also connect Fukushima City to Sendai and Tokyo (including Narita Ariport).
Fukushima Kotsu Buses
A cheap and convenient way to access a wide range of tourist spots around Fukushima City. The Momorin City Loop departs every 10-20 minutes from Fukushima Station East Exit Bus Stop No. 9. Check our Restaurant Guide for detailed route information. Services also run several times a day to Takayu Onsen and Tsuchiyu Onsen. Bus timetable information is available on Google Maps.
Azuma Skyline Tour Bus
Fukushima Kotsu also runs the seasonal Azuma Skyline Tour Bus. The bus runs twice a day from Fukushima Station to Jododaira between May and November. From May to September the bus runs on weekends and public holidays, but from October 1 to early November the bus runs daily during the peak Autumn season. Note: The Azuma Skyline Tour Bus is currently unavailable due to Azumayama Volcano Warning.

Bicycle Rental

For a relaxing cycle through city streets or the Japanese countryside, there are a range of bicycle rental services to suit your needs.
Momorin Rental Cycle
Fukushima City has a FREE bicycle rental service that provides a relaxing way to get around the city. There are five access spots around the city as well as one at Iizaka Onsen Station. See our Restaurant Guide for the location of Momorin Rental Cycle access points. 
Available: 10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm (Open all year round)
Cost: FREE

No. of Bicycles:

Fukushima Station East Exit:   19 (including 1 with rear child seat)
Fukushima Station West Exit:  20
Paseo:  13 (including 1 with rear child seat)
Heiwa-dori Chika:  12
MAX Fukushima:  16 (including 2 with rear child seats)
Iizaka Onsen Station:  10 (including 1 with rear child seat)

Additional Information: http://www.city.fukushima.fukushima.jp/soshiki/44/1662.html (Japanese)

Fukushima Kotsu Dendo Rental Cycle
Fukushima Kotsu also provide an electric bicycle rental service from Iizaka Onsen Station. The service is 300 yen for 4 hours and is a convenient way to explore beautiful Iizaka Onsen.
Available: 9:00 am ~ 7:00 pm (Open all year round)
Cost: 300 yen (4 hours)
No. of Bicycles: 10

Additional Information: http://www.fukushima-koutu.co.jp/upd/detail.php?update_id=265 (Japanese)

Train Services

Fukushima City is situated 90 mins north of Tokyo on the Tohoku Shinkansen with connecting services to the northern areas of Tohoku, as well as local JR and private lines to the heart of the Japanese countryside.
Iizaka Line (Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line)
The Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line (called ‘iiden’ in Japanese) connects Fukushima City to Iizaka Onsen. The 23-minute ride through the northern suburbs of Fukushima City delivers you to the heart of one of the most popular onsen areas in Japan.
The Iizaka Line is a private line, so you can’t use a JR Pass. A 1-way ticket from Fukushima Station to Iizaka Onsen is 370 yen. There is a 1-day pass for 800 yen that also gives you entry to one of 9 public onsens in Iizaka Onsen. Also, the IIDEN Coupon Set for 2000 yen includes a 2-day rail pass, meal coupon, drink coupon and entry to one of 9 public onsens. Tickets and coupons for the Iizaka Line are available from the Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line Ticket Office north of the Fukushima Station East Exit.